BESATT has been formed in 1991 as initiative of Beldaroh - bass, Weronis - guitar and Dertalis on drums to spread satanic ideas by the music. In the year 1992 band releases their first reh ever - "Ares". Four years later the first studio album appears. Demo titled "Czarci Majestat" (Devil's Majesty). After that Besatt regulary releases more albums and plays many concerts not only in Poland but all over the world. During that time the band lineup often changes and to this day band leader Beldaroh is the only member who remained from the very begining.
Curent lineup is: Beldaroh on bass and vocals, Astaroth on lead guitar, Colossus on rythm guitar and Exernus on drums. For all these years on metal scene Besatt hails to Satan and whole horde of Deamons related to His majesty.

Here are the devilish creations that Besatt thrown in the face of God.

-"Czarci Majestat" - demo 1996
-"In Nomine Satanas" - first album 1997
-"Hail Lucifer" - second album 1999
-"Underground Satanic Split" - split 2000
-"Hellstorm" - third album 2001
-"Korzenie zła" - MCD 2002
-"Scream of the Eastern Lands" - split 2003
-"Sacrifice for Satan" - fourth album 2004
-"Conquering the world with True Black Metal War" - split 2004
-"Black Mass" - fifth album 2005
-"Diabolic Altar" - Ep 2006 r.
-"Triumph of Antichrist" - sixth album 2007
-"United by the Black Flag" – split 2008
-"Black Cult of Evil" – DVD 2008
-"Demonicon" – seventh album 2009
-"Unholy Thrinity" - 20th anniversary 3CD box 2011
-"Tempus Apocalypsis" – eighth album 2011
-"Nine Sins" – ninth album 2014
-"Impia Symphonia" - MCD 2015
-"Anticross" - tenth album 2017
-"Hellish Rites" - split 2018