Besatt on Autumn of Hell festival - 25.11.2017 - Lugau (Germany)

In November Besatt is going back to Colombia.
2nd November – Zipaquirá
3rd November – Duttama
4th November – Bucaramanga
5th November – Pasto
6th November – Cali
8th November – Villavicencio
10th November – Medellin
11th November – Parreira
12th November – Bogota
13th November – Ibague

New Besatt's album titled "Anticross" is already available!!!

In September 2017 Besatt and Furia will play three gigs in Japan. Dates and cities:
8th September - Miyagi
9th September - Tokyo
10th September - Osaka.

Once again Besatt will perform in South America. This time the hellish black metal crusade will strike in Colombia and Ecuador!.

Besatt on Under the Black Sun festival - 30.06.2017!!!.

Besatt will start record new tenth album at Hertz recording studio in Bialystoc on 4th of May 2017. The title of the album is "Anticross".

24th February 2017: INFERNO, KZOHH, BESATT, MALLEPHYR, SILVA NIGRA - Karvina (CZ).

In the 7th May in Barberaz (France) Besatt will play with: Deathcode Society, The Oath, Treacherous.

On the April 2016 will start first Besatt mexican tour:
TAMPICO - 15 April 2016
CIUDAD DE MEXICO - 16 April 2016
PUEBLA - 17 April 2016
ACAPULCO - 21 April 2016
MONTERREY - 22 April 2016
SAN LUIS POTOSI - 23 April 2016
GUADALAJARA - 24 April 2016

5th March 2016

2nd of November when we arrived to New York JFK Airport, the customs has refused us to enter into the USA area from rather unfortunate but reason without our fault, therefore we had to back to Poland anyway.
We would like to apologize all who planned to see our shows there in December. But we are determined to make all efforts to play the hellish shows very soon! Currently we are in the process of organization of the new tour for Besatt in USA in 2016!
We’ll be back!

On the 5th of December Besatt USA hellish crusade starts.
Here are the all dates:
- 5th December - Maryland
- 11th December - Chicago
- 12th December - Dallas
- 17th December - Somerville
- 18th December - New York
- 19th December - New York

In the 25th September in Ostrava Besatt will play with: Adultery, Vesna and Silva Nigra.

Between August and September in the Colombia Besatt will start "Sacrifice for Columbia 2015" tour.

New album has been released. This time it's mini CD "Impia Symphonia".

24th April in Lviv a 26th April in Kiev Besatt will play with Inferno, Khors + supports.

Besatt, Hatul, Blodskut will perform in Lugau on the 11th of April.

Besatt, Inferno, Fhoi Myore, Wyrms, Winterblut and Ewiges will perform in Augsburg on the 21st of February.

The "Besatt" will play two concerts in Ireland in January 2015.
First concert will take a place in Dublin on 16th of January, second one in Cork on 17th of January.

At the beginning of December Besatt will play in Brazil.
More info at:

Besatt signed an endoresement agreement with NoLogoPick company and since then use only their picks.

8th Nowember Besatt will be play in Agorant Music Club – Brno.

In the Halloween night (31.10.2014) in Tryniec (Cz) Besatt(Pl) with Ain(Fr) and Radgorath (Cz) will be play together.

Nine sins is now aviable at Mutilation Records. More informations @ label's e-mail: and band e-mail:

Song "Homicide" from upcoming ninth album "Nine Sins" can be found here.

On the 10th of February 2014 Besatt is entering Hertz studio to record under the watchful eye of Wieslawski Bros. 9th full studio album titled "Nine Sins".

9th November: Mlada Boleslav (CZ).

8th November Besatt will be play in Hudebni club - Praha.

Besatt with other bands will be play on “Rite of Evil 4” in Bratislava.

Korean label “Fallen Angels Productions” released special, wooden Besatt MC Box called "Deep into the darkness part I" containing Besatt’s eight full albums plus bonus extras. All informations about this exclusive release you can find under this link:

On the 5th April in Prague and 6th April in Brno Besatt will be play with Inferno, Pergamen and Dark Seal.

Final dates and cities of "Besatt Brazillian Apokalipse Tour":

8 Luty - São Leopoldo
9 Luty - Jaraguá do Sul
10 Luty – Curtiba
11 Luty – Londrina
12 Luty - Hortolândia
15 Luty - Belo Horizonte
16 Luty - São Paulo
17 Luty - Rio de Janeiro

Hail Satan!!!!

Besatt will arrive with their 3rd Crusade to Brazil in February 2013 during the

On the 6 th of july 2012 eight Besatt release “Tempus Apocalypsis” will premiere in Europe by Withing Hour licenced Europe.

Besatt's eight full lenght album "Tempus Apocalypsis" were released in North and South America by Mutilaton records.

On the 27 th of May Besatt will be performing with Destroyer 666, Enthroned, Endstille at Throne Fest Open Air in Belgium.

In 31th of March Besatt will play in Pilzno (Cz) on Deadly Storm Festival.

To celebrate its 20-th anniversary Besatt released a three-CD album "Unholy Trinity". First CD is titled "Unfather" and contains tracks recorded to few different splits. Second CD is titled "Unspirit" and contains a gig we played in Campinas (Brazil) on 17-th of May. Third CD is titled "Unson" and contains all covers we recorded in all 20 years of band existing.
This sepcial stuff was released by "Seven Gates of Hell".

Under the watchful eyes of the Wieslawski Brothers in Hertz studio BESATT recorded nine new songs on their eighth album called "Tempus Apocalypsis" in October 2011. One of the songs “Seals of Hate” here.

In November Besatt with Inferno (CZ) will play two concerts In Slovakia. First concert on 11 of November will take a place in Banska Bystrica and second concert on 12 of November will take a place in Nitra.

For the next album cover Besatt took this time Marcelo Vasco. He is known among other things to work with bands such as Gorgoroth, Satyricon, Dark Funeral, 1349, Gehenna, Dimmu Borgir, Vader, Belphegor, and many others.
Our shared vision for the title of "Tempus Apocalypsis" can be seen below.

Besatt will by play in Fance city Montbéliard with Aura Noir and Malevolentia on 17th September .

19th August Besatt will play in Barther Metal open Air. More info here:

21st may Besatt will play a gig in german city Adelsheim.

In February 2011 Besatt play second tour in Brazil. The tour will be called "Demonic Crusade Tour" and will include the following locations:
18/02 - Belo Horizonte / MG
19/02 - Piracicaba / SP
20/02 - Santo André / SP
23/02 - Sao Jose dos Campos /SP
24/02 - Sao Paulo / SP
25/02 - Teresina / PI
26/02 - Jaragua do Sul / SC
27/02 - Porto Alegre / RS

18th of December Besatt will have a gig at "Suicidal & Nocturnal Fest" in Sainte Barbe - France.

In November Besatt recorded three tracks at Cyber-Studio in Katowice. The first one - "Tam" is the new track, which takes a part in Silesian band compilation album. The second track is Deicide's cover - "Sacrificial suicide". The last track names "Ares" is the very first one created by Besatt in 1991, recorded by founder line-up: Beldaroh - vocals, bass, Weronis - guitar and Deltaris - drums.

Morbid left the band and Devastate has taken his place. Deadlight has become the new guitarist.

On 16th October in Prague in Exit club will play: Besatt, Spoliator, Katarze, Naurrakar.

"Godz of War" released a vinyl version of "Diabolic Altar". It contains a stuff recorded in 2006 plus few bonus tracks.

On the 25-26-th of June in Austrian city Reichenthal will be a black metal festival. Besatt will be one of many bands which will play there. More inofrmations:

On the 19-th of June Besatt will play a gig in Lugau in Germany. More information:

Label "Hell is Here" released a Demonicon album on cassette.

Vermin left the band and Agonus took his place.

On the 8th of may Besatt will we play in Frankfurt.

On the 3rd of April 2010 Besatt will we play in "Beltis Time Orinking Time" Festival in Ostrava (Czech Republic).

Undercover Records released next seventh album Besatt "Demonicon".

First official dvd from BESATT is out by Mutilation Records.
Dvd contains live show which was recorded in Belo Horizonte 10.05.2008, short bootleg recodings from other brazilian cities and full biography with photos.

On the 19th December Besatt will play in Zabrze (PL) in club Wiatrak. Line-up: Besatt, Saltus, Baphomet's Throne, Presecutor and Carnage.

On the 11th December Besatt will play in Erfurt (D), on 12th in Berlin (D).

Austrian Thomastik-Infeld - worldwide manufacturer of the best strings signed an endorsement agreement with BESATT in October 2009. As from this moment the band will be using and promoting their products.

The seventh album, titled "Demonicon", is already recorded. Here you can listen a track "The leader of Fallens".

On the 19th September Besatt will play in London (GB). Concert line-up: Besatt, Demonolith, Permafrost, Ghast.

12th September in Annaberg (Deutshland) you will see: Besatt, Thromos, Inferno, Koltum.

On the 1-st of September Besatt will enter the Hertz Studio in Bialystok to record their another album titled "Demonicon".

On the 25-th of July 2009 Besatt will play on "Boarstream Open Air" in Eberbach (Germany).

New Besatt t-shirts are available now by:


18th of April Besatt will play in Willisau (Szwitzerland).

Agonus is a session live guitarist.

On the 8-th of November Besatt will play in Erlenbach (D). Concert line-up is: Schattenreich, Deadborn, Sargwart, Aras Cineris, Besatt, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.

On the 18-th of October on the festival In Gorlitz you will see: Besatt, Cliteater, Eminenz, Mucupurulent, Profanation, Sufferage, Capital Punishment, Pangaa.

On the 11-th of October Besatt will play a gig in Lichtenstein. On that festival also will play almost 20 other bands, among them: Pagan Rites, Kampfar, Vargasang, Elite, Orlog.

In the 20th of September Besatt will play on DARKNESS AND EVIL FESTIVAL in Stuttgart (D). Festival line-up is: BESATT, DIES ATER, MORRIGAN, GRÄFENSTEIN, INFAUST, SCHATTENREICH.

On the 30-th of August Besatt will play a gig on the festival "Dunkelheit" in Brno (CZ).

Fulmineus left band.

In the 5th of June Besatt will play on fest in Kranichshof(D). Festival line-up is:
Pantheon I, Tyr, Morrigan, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Moribund Oblivion, Thyruz, Dies Ater, Groza , North , Arathyr, Magnificat, Gjenferdsel, Slechtvalk , Grabak, Obscurity, Saxorior, Xerion , Sycronomica , Battlesword , Mortal Intention, Legio Mortis, Carthaun, Abendland, Issmahd, Skady.

On the 24-th of May Besatt will play a gig on the festival “Storm of Destruction” in Bavaria.
Other bands are: Furia, Vardlokkur, Heimdalls Wacht, Holmgang, Infinity, Urgehal, Ragnarok, Schrat, Moredhel, Kult, Frangar, Massemord, The Stone, Endezzma, Koldbrann, Enthroned.

In May 2008 Besatt will go for a tour in Brasil. These are dates and places, where we will play our hellish shows:
09.05.2008 Salvador
10.05.2008 Belo Horizonte
11.05.2008 Piracicaba
17.05.2008 Campinas
18.05.2008 Curitiba

In January 2008 Besatt recorded three new songs for the split "United by the black flag". In this split will also take a part Evilwar from Brasil and Infernal Kindgdom from Portugal.

On 22.12.2007 Besatt will take a part at the concert in Ostrava.

Besatt together with Inferno (CZ) will play mini-tour, check below preliminary dates:
5.10.2007 Waltershausen (D) Besatt, Inferno, Fiend
6.10.2007 Girona (E) Besatt, Inferno, Malhkebre, Shemhamphorash, His Royal Highness
7.10.2007 Porto (P) Besatt, Inferno, Infernal Kingdom

Vermin from band Embrional has became second Besatt's guitarist.

New "Triumph of Antichrist" t-shirts are available now in Undercover rec.


6th album "Triumph Of Antichrist" has been released by Undercover records.

12th of May in Annaberg (Germany) will play: Besatt, Infinity, Weltbrand

Anti-Christ Crusade Tour - Besatt, Moorigan, Mortuary Drape
Below you will find a details of hellish show

21.04.07 IT- Padova @ Country Star
22.04.07 IT - Tivoli @ Dissesto Musicale
24.04.07 IT - Alessandria @ Puget Sound
25.04.07 AT - Vienna @ Escape
28.04.07 DE - Munich @ Titanic City
29.04.07 NL - Rotterdam @ Baroeg
30.04.07 DE - Hagen @ Kultopia
01.05.07 LX - Luxemburg
02.05.07 BE - Hekelgem @ 162
04.05.07 SK - Bratislava @ Randal Club
05.05.07 AT - Innsbruck @ Hafen

Session complete! Here's a track called
"Abaddon the Destroyer" from upcoming album "Triumph Of Antichrist".

On 5th of February 2007 Besatt will start to record a new album at Cyberstudio in Katowice. This 6th Besatt album becams entitled "Triumph of Antichrist".

Hammer of Damnation from Brazil has already issued tape version of "Hail Lucifer" and T-shirts. All information available on


Seven gates of Hell has already issued the new Besatt sweatshirt. All information available on


Besatt has recorde 2 tracks "Krwawy Kres" and "Blasphemy" in following line-up: Creon-guitar, Fulmineus- drums, vocals and Beldaroh-bass. Those songs shall be released in the begining of 2007.

2nd of December in Budapest (Hungary) will play: Besatt, Adultery, Inferno i Fagyhamu.

1st of December in Belgrade (Serbia) will play: Inferno, Besatt, Adultery, The Stone, Wolf's Hunger, Zaklan, Maras.

In November Besatt recorded 3 new tracks for EP.
"Diabolic Altar" ep shall be released through Diabolist Services from USA.

Besatt resigned a deal with Undercover Records for next two full lenghts. Result of this deal shall be a sixth album of Besatt in 2007.

18th on Nowember in Berlin (Germany) will play: Besatt, Anael, XIV Dark Centuries, Dusterwald. More info:

3rd of November in Littau (Switzerland) will play: Besatt, Adultery.

New "Black Mass" t-shirts are available now in Undercover rec.

By "Total War" has been issued MC version of "Black Mass".

By "Seven Gates of Hell" has been issued MC version of "Sacrifice For Satan". Bonus - cover of Rotting Christ.

30th of September BESATT will play on 2-days festival in Innsbruck (Austria). More information on:

16th of September in Waltershausen (Germany) will play: Besatt, Forgotten Tomb, Pestis.

2nd of September in Lyon Hall in Lyon (France) will play: Besatt, Inkisitor + 2 lokal Guest.

1st of September in Porto Rio Bar (Portugal) will play: Besatt, Decayed, Infernal Kingdom, Azagatel.

26th of August Besatt will desolate Insomnia Club in Kielce.

"Czarci Majestat" demo MC has been released. All info via this mail:

The 5th Album "Black Mass" has been already issued by german Undercover Label.

14th of July Besatt will take a part at "Under the Black Sun" festival in Germany. More information:

06.06.06 the first demo "Czarci Majestat" will be issued after 10 years by first time.

By Undercover Records has been issued vinyl version of "Sacrifice or Satan".

25th of March Besatt give a gig in Siauliai (Lithuania).

In the 8th of April 15 Annual Besatt concert will be organised in Mega Club, Katowice. As a support acts there will play Inferno, Thunderbolt, Arkona, Taran.

New split CD Arkona, Besatt, Thirst. Has been released through Alles Stenar.

Black Mass studio session is finished. Results of this crime are available here.

On 17th of December Besatt starts recording new fifth album "Black Mass" at "Cyber Studio" in Katowice.

New Besatt T-shirt Girl are avaiable now by

There is new sub-website "Reh-stuff" has been added with old Besatt song never published.

New Besatt t-shirts are avaiable now by


18 of may 2005 concert in Brno (Czech). Will play: BESATT (pol), SOLFERNUS(Cze), SEEDS OF SORROW(Aut), TISIC LET OD RAJE(Cze), HECATE(Slo),SACRIST(Cze). More info

Lp version of split Besatt/Armaggedon/Inner Helvete/Misanthropy has just been released through Ordealis rec.

New "Sacrifice For Satan" t-shirts are available now in Undercover rec.


Besatt will play concerts:
- 5.03.2005 Littau, Piazza (CH),
- 19.03.2005 Waltershausen (D)

There is some change in Besatt. Fulmineus has started to be guitarist and new drummer is Morbid.


Sacrifice for Satan" availables on 15 of November. More info:

The video-clip for song "The Kingdom of Hatred" has been finished. The piece of this work you can see HERE.

Unfortunatelly Creon will not support us in Besatt, so we temporary stop with playing concerts as soon Agonus will be back from the Army on Spring 2005.

By "Seven Gates of Hell" there is available re-edition of first album "In Nomine Satanas" as a digi-pack version. This edition encloses bonuses: "Demona Gniew" recorded in 1996 and "Ave Master Lucifer" as the multimedia version recorded during the Besatt concert in Annaberg in 2003.

New T-shirt Besatt available at Undercover Records:


26th of June Besatt will play on 2-days Open-Air Festival in Austria. More info:

22nd of May concert in Brno (Czech). Will play: BESATT, DEPRESY, TROLLECH, DEATH SENTENCE, TISIC LET OD RAJE.

In the beginning of May has been recorded a movie-staff for video clip ref. Besatt song „The kingdom of hatred”. The specialists working on the final version now. This video clip will be bonus added to the new CD album.

Agonus has been called up into the Army. Creon will take a place instead of him temporary.

German label „Undercover Records” has issued a vinyl version of „Hail Lucifer”.

In April "Besatt" recorded 3 new tracks for limited vinyl split with ARMAGGEDON (France) INNER HELVETE(Portugal), MISANTHROPY (USA).

First Besatt album „In Nomine Satanas” has been issued by Italian label „Serpens Caput Production” as the vinyl version.

Besatt finished new stuff in Recording Studio on 20th of January. There are eight tracks on the new album, one of song is here.
Roman Kostrzewski has gave his demonic voice in the track "GLORIA CAUSA SATANI".

As from 5th of January 2004 Besatt is recording in Cyber Studio their 4th album, which will be called "Sacrifice for Satan".

Besatt already has signed a contract with "Undercover Records" for next two albums. The earliest effect of this contract is new album, which will be released on spring 2004.

Album "Hellstorm"is just available in vinyl version issued by german label "Undercover Records"

New Besatt's T-shirt. Information

By "Undercover Records" from Germany has been issued split of the bands from Middle-Eastern Europe called "Scream of the Eastern Lands" where Besatt gave two songs. Split is available on request at

16th of August BESATT will play on 2-days festival "Metal to the Metals" in Austria. More information on

New Besatt blouses. All interested in buying please contact to:

Front Back

The new MCD Besatt "Roots of Evil" is available as limited version 666 pieces just issued by "Seven Gates of Hell" label. All interested in buying can contact with or directly to the band

BESATT has recorded two songs in "Green House Studio" in Cracow on 24-26 of January 2003. First one "Smiertelny psalm" is song from 1997 and original version is at the album "In Nomine Satanas" but this time it has been recorded anew but in polish language. The second one "Upadły anioł" is a new song and heralds new album.

T-shirt Besatt "Hellstorm" available at Undercover Records:


Finally there will be following on medium-eastern Europe bands split:
Besatt (Poland)
Dub Buk (Ukraine)
Inferno (Czechia)
Negura Bunget (Rumania)
Immortal Hammer (Slowaka)
Verdeleth (Hungary)

Besatt will play following concerts in Germany & Belgium in February 2003:
07.02.03 Berlin-Knaak
08.02.03 Bitterfeld Festung
15.02.03 Hagalaz Club Annaberg
21.02.03 Gieben
22.02.03 Dorsten
23.02.03 Belgium

At present BESATT working on two songs for split in which following bands confirmed their attend:
Negura Bungett (Romania)
Inferno (Czech Republic)
Immortal Hammer (Slovakia)
Nokturnal Mortun
Dub Buk (Ukraine)

On 2nd of November 2002 BESATT gave a concert during annual edition of "Devil's Night" in Mega Club in Katowice.